Investment & Innovation Global Council (IIGC) expert members provide comprehensive guidance for governments at all levels and enterprises in different countries, industry funds, and IIGC itself, provide advice and technical support as longtime international and cross-border investment consultants, offer suggestions on major industrial investment projects, development strategies and management, to ensure the stable and sound development of the investment in various industries.

Expert members of Investment & Innovation Global Council (IIGC) are from government organs, world's top 500 enterprises, international organizations and R&D institutions. They are top-level authorities and have leadership positions in their field, play important roles in the future development of certain industries or countries (regions), and are the core strength of IIGC as well.

Individual Members
Name Position
Dominique de Villepin Former Prime Minister of France
John Winston Howard Former Prime Minister of Australia
Eamon Gilmore  Former Vice Prime Minister of Ireland and the Former Chairperson of OSCE
Lord Howell of Guildford Former Minister of Foreign Affairs, UK
Lord Francis Maude Former Minister of State for Trade and Investment & Former Minister for the Cabinet, UK
Susanne Kurz Former President of the Federal Council of Austria
Christian Emile Quesnot Chief of staff of Two Former Presidents of France
Korn Dabbaransi Former Deputy Prime Minister Thailand
H. Ross Perot, Jr. Chairman of the Board of Perot Group
Nick Bolkus Former Minister of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs, Australia
John Naisbitt World’s Leading futurist and Authors of China’s Megatrends
Nenad Stazic Former Deputy Speaker of the Croatian Parliament
Aaron Michael Oquaye Former Speaker of Parliament of Ghana
Zheng Xiongwei Global Executive Chairman of APCEO and International Economist
Allen I-Chun Wu Chairman of Asian American Republican National Federation
Annette Nijs Former State Secretary for Education, Culture and Science of Netherlands
Graham G. Rong Chief Strategy Officer of MIT Industrial Liaison Program

Institutional Members

Confederate Government of Kentucky State Government of Ohio
State of West Virginia Government Government of California
Government of Alabama Government of the State of New Jersey
Government of British Columbia Government of New South Wales
City of Dallas Government Government of San Francisco
City of Taylor City of Reed
Sydney Municipality of Australia Richmond Municipality of Canada
Northampton Borough Council Regina Municipality of Canada
Saipan Municipality of the United States  
Harvard University  
University of Chicago Princeton University
National University Singapore University of Pennsylvania
Columbia University University of California
Universite de Montreal University of Michigan
University of Toronto Seoul National University
University of New South Wales University of Queensland
University of Birmingham University of Western Australia
Pennsylvania State University Uppsala University
Hong Kong Polytechnic University National Chung Cheng University
Agricultural University of Krakow University of Tampere
Michigan State University Polytechnic University of Milan
Hanyang University Universidad Nacional de Colombia
State University of New York Laval University